Minimalist WardrobeWHAAAAAT

Minimalist WardrobeWHAAAAAT

We are three days into February now, which means that, for those of us in sunny San Diego, winter is over. Although the nights still chill, this is the time of year that I can’t stand to wear my dark, wintry colors anymore. During the colder months, I get into a funk – the good kind – where color makes me gag and I instinctively reach for blacks, greys (grays, greys –  I can never decide which I like better), and olive greens. The thought of a coral or teal slipping into my outfit makes me mentally anxious and physically uncomfortable. Maybe it’s just a sign of a weak will, a poor ability to overcome my initial reaction, but don’t you sometimes face a situation that makes you literally cringe and turn away? An awkward scene in a tv show where you blush and hide under the blanket in embarrassed for the character, a food that you normally like but for some reason looks disgusting to you in that instant and you know if you eat it you will vomit, or a Sam moment a la Garden State where you just have to move your body because you were starting to feel a little too blah? Maybe the last one is just an undiagnosed case of Restless Leg Syndrome, but our bodies and our minds are freakily connected, and once my body senses the release of Jack Frost’s grip, I don’t even want to look at my winter wardrobe other than to put it away.

An unfortunate turn of events has taken place in my life, however; the combination of the season’s change, our imminent move to a new apartment (T minus 4 days!), and the recent flooding of my laptop screen with minimalist wardrobe ideas, plus a body that will shortly go from housing two persons to one-and-a-feeder is pulling my heart strings in all sorts of directions. How I want to de-clutter! How I want to simplify! Un-fancy, you are torturing me! I’d love to have one box for each season. OK, that’s 4. Buuuuuuuut, I’m pregnant. Meaning two boxes for each season. 4+4=8. And then there’s nursing. 4+4+4=12. I know you can and should overlap each “wardrobe capsule”, so each season/state of maternity won’t take up a whole box, but – and maybe it’s my pregnancy brain – this is overwhelming. And messes with my selective OCD (Who wants different sized boxes?! No one! That’s who!). What’s more, all my maternity clothes are dark colors! What am I supposed to wear right now?!? I’M GOING CRAZY!!

So last night found me on my floor with piles of clothes, hangers, and boxes threatening to consume me and with only some tape and a Sharpie to defend myself. I put all of my clothes except for two outfits (Why wear a new outfit every day when you don’t leave the house? Thank you, Spain; from you, I have learned much) into boxes. I then proceeded to ineffectively, though well-intentionedly, labeled said boxes with names like “winter/early maternity/maybe nursing.” Hopefully, my state of mind will be a little more clear on Sunday while unpacking.

goodbye winter clothes, goodbye apartment, goodbye boxes
Goodbye, winter clothes. Goodbye, apartment. Goodbye, boxes. Wow, I need to learn some photography skillz or this blog is gonna be boooooring.

Or I could just remind myself that our new closet has a lot of hanger space and no room for boxes, so I’m just gonna need to hang it all up anyway.

That would save me a headache.

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